Hubble Coding Guidelines for Contributors

Checklist for a component

A component:

  • is a Vue.js single file component (SFC)
  • uses properties to control the components behaviour (configuration)
  • uses v-text instead v-html to display data in template
  • uses <nuxt-link> for internal anchors
  • uses <img-lazy> to display images
  • imports child components dynamically
  • uses garbage collection to avoid memory leaksopen in new window


  • uses Vuex as less as possible


  • has as few dependencies as possible
  • works in all modern browsers


  • is functional on all modern devices
  • uses the style section of a SFC
  • uses the nuxt-mq functions for viewport dependent renderings if it doesn't work via styling

Code Markup:

  • use self-closing html tags in template
  • takes into account all rules defined via eslint / prettier when programming
  • uses ES6 JS Features


  • can render all relevant content server-side to facilitate search engine crawling
  • contains valid HTML markup (only one H1 per page, meta descriptions, images alt tag, anchor rel tags)


  • always provides feedback to the user for all interactions, e.g. a transition or animation at a speed of 0.2 - 0.3 seconds
  • displays a confirmation message when it comes to user input that triggers an API call that succeeds
  • displays an error message when it comes to user input that triggers an API call that fails
  • has a clear loading indicator when an API call is made


  • contains inline documentation to generate readable documentation in the docs.hubble with Vuedoc
  • inline documentation in English
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