Nuxt.js Configuration

Environment / Runtime Variables

Environment specific variables are provides via nuxt's runtime configurationopen in new window based on the dotenv module.

The minimal set of environment variables are API_BASE_URL and API_SW_ACCESS_KEY. All default variables are placed in @hubblecommerce/hubble/.env_example which will be placed as your .env file in your project root directory if it doesn't already exists.


hubble PWA sets some nuxt specific configurations like runtime variables and a collection of modules, which can be found in @hubblecommerce/hubble/core/utils/config.js. To override them, simply set the configuration you want to your nuxt.config.js like you would in a regular nuxt project.


hubble PWA enables nuxts auto-importopen in new window of components automatically. So you don't have to import them manually and easily make use of dynamic imports via the lazy prefix.

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