Shopware 6 Emotionworlds


hubble supports all types and elements of the Emotionworld feature that are available in a default Shopware 6 installation.

Just like in the native Shopware 6 frontend, Emotionworlds consists of blocks and slots. The difference is, every slot/block is a Vue.js component. The order and structure comes from the shop api as a json response. All structure related files are placed in @hubblecommerce/hubble/dist/theme/components/structure.

Lazy loading large Emotionworlds

The fact that every block is its own component means they can be imported dynamically to improve performance. To achieve that, we need to look in StructureBlock.vue. This component wraps every block and register an intersection observer to it. So only the skeleton of the Emotionworld is created but without loading all components. When a user scrolls and the slot intersects, the component is downloaded.

To make sure that not every block is lazy loaded, e.g. the hero element for SEO purposes. The first two sections are never lazy loaded. This number can be edited in the setup script of the StructureBlock.vue component. In some cases it can be useful to give a section an extra flag to decide whether to load a component serverside or not.

hubble PWA Shopware Lazy Loading Emotionworld Elements