How to set up Shopware 6 to work with hubble PWA

  1. Setup Shopware 6 (Version >= your preferred way: Shopware 6 installation overviewopen in new window
  2. Install the official Shopware 6 PWA pluginopen in new window. This is a required plugin with useful API endpoints to make hubble PWA work with Shopware
  3. After you successfully installed Shopware 6. Go to your Shopware 6 admin and create an integrationopen in new window, so your PWA can communicate with your Shop programmatically. This is required if you want to install some Shopware 6 Plugins and make them work with hubble PWA.
  4. Last step is to get your Shopware 6 API credentialsopen in new window. You need those credentials to connect your hubble PWA to the correct Shopware 6 Sales-channel.
  5. Your Shopware 6 is now ready for your hubble PWA. Continue with installing hubble PWA.